This method of income is recession-proof!
Big Money College Speaking...Is It Right for You?

You can raise funds by speaking at collegesCollege-speaking is a recession-proof market and most anyone has something they can speak to students about. James Malinchak teaches people how to do this. He is very successful and he knows what he is talking about.

If you have a message that helps people, you should strongly consider speaking in the recession-proof college speaking market. That's what James Malinchak did during the last ecomonic down-turn and he made 7-figures while helping out a lot of kids. (Yes, you heard that right! 7-figures speaking at colleges!)

You may have never heard of James, however, thousands of students and College Event Coordinators have heard of him because they pay him on average $6,000-$10,000 per campus to speak to their students...and many of them bring him back each year!

Speaker James MalinchakSo What Does This Have to Do With You?

Actually, a lot! Because in a little over a month, James is going to spill the beans and reveal everything he's learned over the past 14 years to only a select few who are serious about making a SIX- to SEVEN-FIGURE income speaking at colleges.

In fact, he's going to lay it out in a simple "a-b-c" format so you can duplicate exactly what he's done while saving yourself an enormous amount of time and money.

Plus, you'll get to meet and hear some amazing guests including American Idol's William Hung (remember "She Bang"?) and also the hilarious Joe Malarkey ("The Worst Motivational Speaker in America").

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